PPSR Certificate

Buying a used car can be a costly experience in more ways than one. To protect yourself, you need to ensure that you run a PPSR Check and get an official PPSR Certificate with your results.

With the details in this certificate, you can ensure that you make the best decision for you when buying a used car.

PPSR Certificate Explained: What is a PPSR Certificate

The PPSR certificate is your official government document that certifies that a search was conducted and confirms the results at the date and time of the PPSR search.

Following a PPSR check online, you will be given an official certificate. This certificate is a combination of information stored at the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). For a car, it provides information on finance owing which is recorded at the PPSR as well as car details from the NEVDIS and other registers.

Understanding PPSR Certificate

How to Read a PPSR Certificate

If you run a car history search using the PPSR, the Certificate carries the following information to help you understand the car’s history:

Finance Check

Confirmation whether there is finance owing on the car. You could face repossession if the seller defaults on the loan.

Registration Details

Verification of the car details such as make, model, year, VIN number. If these don’t match, then there may be a problem.

Written Off Records

Notification if the vehicle was involved in any incident or accident that led to a repairable or statutory write-off.

Stolen Vehicle Check

Details on whether the car is or was reported stolen in any state. You can verify the details with the local authorities.

Buy a Used Car with Confidence: PPSR Certificate Protection

Protect yourself from repossession, receiving stolen property, and excessive repairs. Don’t buy a lemon when you can easily prevent it with a PPSR Certificate.

Plus, you can get a comprehensive and easy to read report with your PPSR Certificate. This report summarizes the data, so you can quickly pull what you need to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase.

How to Get a PPSR Certificate with Quick REVS

Requesting a copy of the search certificate is not the same as running a PPSR check. When you use an existing certificate search number, it will produce the same results as at the time that the original search was done.

If you want updated results – which you should if you are buying personal property – then you need to run a new search to generate an updated PPSR certificate.

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